News! 2006 Winter Break International Youth Chinese Camp(WORD File)



Kuang Hua Girls Senior High School, established in 1929, was originally named ‘Private school of Home Economics and Sewing’, aiming to give training courses. In April 1932, the school was changed to ‘Private College of Tainan Home Economics.’ In April 1939 and 1945, the names of the school were then changed to ‘Private Ho Jing Girls School’, and ‘Ho Jing Business Women school’, respectively.
After World War II, the first Board was organized and the school’s name was finally changed to ‘Kuang Hua Girls Senior High School’. This year is its 73rd anniversary.

The Academic System

The school consists of Junior High School, High School, Vocational School, Comprehensive High School, Evening School and Kindergarten. Vocational School consists of the departments of business management, data processing, fashion, interior design and early childhood education. The Evening School provides courses in food and catering management.
The total number of students and staff are 1800 and 120 respectively. The school area is 19,265 square meters.

Educational Aims: happy learning, value life, enjoy life, serve people

1) Whole Education
Inspired by the scientific spirit of Madame Curie, students should be diligent and committed to serving the society.
2) Aesthetic Education
The school environment is inspired and surrounded by visual arts designs.
3) International Education
Foreign language teaching is the main educational objective. The school has enjoyed a long history of exchanging with schools abroad educationally and culturally. Today, the school offers English training classes, such as Pitman English certificate.
4) Early Childhood Education
Our school has been renown for its educational objectives and teaching aids and material.
5) Data Processing Education
Established in 1980, the department has greatly contributed to the business in the communities.
6) Comprehensive Learning
We stress the emphasis on both academic and vocational training, especially in the spirit of teamwork. Every year in May, the Fashion department holds a fashion show. Students of the department of Interior Design exhibit their works.
7) The implementation of Educational Reform
The school provides counseling, career advice, exchange programs with neighboring schools, student-center teaching experiment.

Campus characteristics
Campus theatre, native-speaker language teaching, internet café, environmental and scientific park, student union, etc.